The Easiest way to setup your CD/DVD project:

All publishers are free to use our online system to prepare their CD/DVD for on demand self publishing (no setup charge applies). This does take some time and effort to learn our system, and upload your data files. This is desirable for many publishers. If you want to save time, and avoid potential errors and frustration, you may prefer to send us your cds/dvds in the mail.

To save the time required to prepare, compress, upload, and configure the data files for your project:
  1. Create a free account on
  2. Click the 'Add Project' button and enter the title of your project and whether it's a CD or DVD and pick packaging.
  3. On the step whether it asks you whether you'll be sending in your discs for setup, choose yes.
  4. When finished, look for the ProjectID the TrepStar system has assigned. This ProjectID is listed next to the title of your project in the login area (the list of projects).
  5. Clearly write the ProjectID on the disc with a felt tip marker.
  6. Send us a working, tested copy of your master CD(s) or DVD(s) in the mail. We make an exact copy of whatever you send us. Do not send your only master disc because we do not return them.
  7. Don't send money now. Once we import your data, we will bill your account and you will receive an email stating your project is ready and approved. Then, login to TrepStar, order a copy and pay your bill.
  8. Artwork files:
    • Please do not send us a separate CD with your artwork files. Simply edit your TrepStar project, look for the green upload arrow buttons, and upload your .jpg artwork directly to the project.
    • If you need to create this artwork, visit our FREE art templates page.
    • It's important you learn how to upload artwork since it's easy, and that way, you can quickly change the artwork any time you like, and easily set up other projects.
    • If you do not have artwork, our generic artwork will be used until you upload .jpg images.
  9. Once we receive your package, we import and configure that data files for your project.
  10. Once complete, you will receive an email with instructions.
  11. TrepStar will bill your account a low, one time disc setup charge of $5.00 (per disc) to cover our costs.
Additional details and notes:
  • We do accept music/audio CDs, Data CDs, and single layer 4.7GB (4,700,000,000 bytes) non encrypted DVDs (movie DVDs or computer readable data DVDs).
  • We do not accept dual layer DVDs, bluray, or encrypted/copy protected DVDs (what good would the encryption be if we could break it).
  • Do you have a multiple disc set? No problem. Send us all of your discs and we'll add them to a single project shipped in one or more DVD cases. Our system works in one of two ways. You have to send us all discs for setup, or all disc files must be downloaded. Currently, it's not possible to have your project setup so that some discs are downloaded from a URL and some discs are setup by TrepStar. Setup fee of $5.00 (per disc) applies.

Print This Form:

  1. Project Title: ________________________________________
  2. Publisher ID : ______________________
  3. Project ID: ______________________

Then, package and send your disc(s) to:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- CDDVDFulfillment
8852 Aviary Path, Suite 1
Inver Grove, MN 55077